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Glow Discharge Cell

We offer glow discharge cells usable in all types of scientific studies with the aim of studying plasma and detecting the species generated in it using techniques such as Mass Spectrometry (ToF-MS, ESI-MS, QMS), Microwave Spectroscopy (MW), or similar. Available in different diameters, sizes, and shapes according to customer needs.

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Discover the efficiency of revolutionary air purification with our mobile device using non-thermal plasma.

Developed and tested in collaboration with INTA, this innovative system eliminates up to 75% of viruses, offering exceptional performance even in its initial development stages.

Ideal for ensuring a safer and healthier environment.

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oil consumption

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Eduardo Alonso-Gil, our portable engine analysis system facilitates advanced efficiency studies for diesel, hybrid, hydrogen engines and ICE technology in general.

Using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and a Luminescent Discharge Cell, our equipment transforms R-SH molecules into SO2 with exceptional sensitivity, a detection limit of only 20 ppb and the ability to perform up to 10 measurements per second.

Ideal for real-time testing and external control.